Patient Health Record (EHR) System for Ireland

Patient Safety 

At the International Digital Health Summer School hosted by Maynooth University, a new national electronic patient health record (EHR) system for Ireland was proposed.

The system, developed through a pilot project by Maynooth University in collaboration with the Health Service Executive (HSE), is ready to be scaled nationally.

The patient health record (EHR) System:

  • Provides 24-hour access for doctors and patients to health information.
  • Utilises a secure, free, open-source, non-commercial platform.

The new National Electronic Patient Health Record (EHR) System has been the subject of a 5-year pilot that has involved 50 HSE clinicians and social care workers in the Dublin South, Kildare, and West Wicklow region.

Ireland has a Digital Health Strategy but currently no centralised electronic health record system is in place.

The digital health strategy promises that everyone will have access to their own digital health records.

The strategy envisages that doctors will be able to access them in real time from any location, reducing duplication of test and making the system more efficient and safer. 

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