Settlement in case involving boy with hearing impairment

Settlement in case involving boy with hearing impairment

A recent settlement approved by the High Court could have implications for children in the West of Ireland whose treatment for hearing impairment may have been adversely impacted by failings in paediatric audiology services, reports John Whelan.

A High Court action involving a boy who sued over treatment he received for his hearing impairment has been settled for €450,000, according to RTE news (Wednesday, 25 November 2020).

The case is believed to be the first of several involving claims arising from alleged failings in children’s audiology services in Mayo and Roscommon between 2011 and 2015.

Hearing impairment that is not identified and addressed in a timely manner can constrain a child’s development, affecting their speech and language, learning ability and educational achievement. It can also have long term consequences for a child’s social skills, emotional wellbeing and future career.

Following a look-back review conducted by the HSE after concerns were raised about the Mayo and Roscommon audiology services, a report sent to families on 8 June 2018 included an apology from the HSE for the failures identified and for the anxiety this caused to families and those who may have been harmed.

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