Understanding the New Chapter in Patient Safety: The Patient Safety Act 2023

With the recent enactment of the Patient Safety (Notifiable Incidents and Open Disclosure) Act 2023 in Ireland, we're witnessing a significant advancement in the realm of healthcare. This legislation introduces essential changes aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and communication between healthcare providers and patients, setting a new standard for the management and reporting of medical incidents.

A Step Forward in Patient Care

This Act represents a key development in healthcare legislation, focusing on the crucial aspects of patient safety and the right to be informed. It's built around the principle ofduty of candour, mandating healthcare providers to disclose certain serious incidents—termed ‘notifiable incidents’ —to the affected patients or their families. This move towards greater openness is not just about adhering to new regulations; it’s about fostering a culture of trust and learning within the healthcare sector.

Key Features of the Act

The legislation outlines clear scenarios that require disclosure, covering a broad spectrum of incidents from surgical errors to unexpected patient deaths during medical care. This ensures that the healthcare system is more accountable and responsive to the needs and rights of patients.

What This Means for Patients

For individuals and families, the Act provides a clearer pathway to information and recourse in the event of medical mishaps. It underlines a commitment to ensuring that those affected by medical negligence are recognised and included in the conversation about what went wrong.

How We Can Help

At Whelan Law, we're committed to helping patients navigate the implications of thePatient Safety Act 2023. Whether you're seeking to understand your rights under this new legislation or need assistance in pursuing a claim for a notifiable incident, our team offers knowledgeable support and legal advice.

The Road Ahead

As we adjust to the changes introduced by thePatient Safety (Notifiable Incidents and Open Disclosure) Act 2023, the goal of a more transparent and safe healthcare environment in Ireland becomes increasingly achievable. Continuing education and advocacy will play crucial roles in ensuring the successful implementation of the Act's principles and in maintaining the momentum towards improved patient safety.

For more detailed insights into how the Patient Safety Act 2023 impacts you and how Whelan Law can support you, please visit our Patient Safety Rights Legal Advice page.