Birth injury claims involving children who are injured during the course of labour, delivery and in the neonatal period are some of the most tragic, emotional and distressing types of medical negligence cases to come before the Courts. While having a healthy baby at the end of a pregnancy is what every party involved in pregnancy wants, sadly, this does not always happen. 

During the birth process, a baby and/or a mother may suffer a physical injury. This is called birth trauma or birth injury.

Several types of birth injury, including neurological and physical injury, commonly occur as a result of complications during pregnancy, labour, or childbirth. These injuries can be temporary or may result in extensive and long-term damage. 

Birth injuries that lead to a compensation claim often relate to the baby not receiving sufficient oxygen during or just before delivery. This can be caused by inadequate monitoring, failure to diagnose a condition, the mother experiencing complications during the birth or improper handling of the baby once it is born. A reduction in the supply of oxygen to the brain may cause brain damage or lead to some other form of permanent disability, such as cerebral palsy.

How We Can Help

Birth injuries can affect a baby or a mother. If the birth injury affects your baby, we will need to establish whether the injury was as a result of a birth defect which can happen during the pregnancy cycle or whether it was a result of medical negligence by a third party. If the birth injury affects the mother, we will need to establish if the mother has a potential claim. We understand that families affected by birth injury face a difficult and worrying time. We want you to feel confident that your case will be dealt with as efficiently and professionally as possible. We work with Junior and Senior Counsel and independently assured medical experts in this area of law. Our focus is always on achieving the best possible outcome for you and your child.