Medical negligence can be defined as any action by medical staff (or hospital/clinic staff) which falls below an acceptable standard of care and directly causes injury or disease or leads to a deterioration in an individual’s health.

How We Can Help

If you are the victim of medical negligence, it can be a very difficult experience for you and your family. We aim to ease your concerns by assisting you in every possible way. 

When you contact us, we engage personally with you so that you can feel confident your case will be dealt with as efficiently and professionally as possible. 

We will require a medical report from an independent qualified expert in a relevant field who must confirm whether in his/her opinion, the treatment that you received fell below the expected standard. 

We can then determine whether you have a viable case in law and the probability of success in Court. We work with Junior and Senior Counsel and independently assured medical experts in this area of law and have many years’ experience in the High Court and Circuit Court. 

Our focus is on proactively managing your case to achieve the best possible outcome for you.